Freedome has extremly slow speed with my new router!

I have moved and has a new isp and a new broadband router. On the old router i had  a slower connection with downloading 100mb/S and uploading about 40,b/s. While using Freedome i often reached over 100mb/S which was a good rating for at VPN service.


Now i have a new better router which has much higher speed. When not using Freedom it spans from 250mb/S and almost upp to 300mb/S.  However,now to my dissappointment, when activating Freedome i can only reach downloading speeds about 99mb/s and uploading speed of about 115 mb/S!


Ny to my questions which i hope that you can answer. Always when running a VPN service it reduces the speed at bout 20-30% at most, but with my new router which has a much higher capacity of 250-300mb/S i only reach a third of the top speed!!


Why cant i get any higher connection with this new router? Is the network settings wrong in some way? My computer is 6 years old,so it does not has the up to date coponents. Its a Packard Bell iMedia S2380 with 8 GB RAM and a A8-5500 3.2 GHz processor.  Is my computer to old for using Freedom and get high results of it?  When turning of the Freedome i can reach speeds of 250-300mb/S. 


My old router which had slower connection gave better reults using Freedome than my brandnew router with much higher speed. I would be greatful to receive any tips of what i can do to improve the speed while using Freedome. Why does Freedome reduce the speed to almost a third of its capacity? I am using fiber broadband.



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    Hi Grimlock,


    When the router is changed, it may (or may not) have included network related changes in the operator side as well that may have affected the routing from the operator to our Freedome gateway. The network speed article has more information here.

  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 18

    That was indeed not a god answer to my questions! I live in Sweden and the fastest speed i receive is when i choose location Stockholm. I have tried to change and tried all the other locatons world wide as well, and they all provide even slower speed. I use the isp Bredbandsbolaget.


    The expection is for my android phone where the Freedome app works fine,and i will most likely keep it for the future.


    If this is the fastest service you can provide comparing to my broadband speed,then i will not renew the Freedome license when it expires.This is disappointing.There are other VPN service competitors that can provide higher speed.


    Let me ask you a some counterquestions. What is the highest speed that Freedome can provide? Lets say if i had  a conneciton with 1000mb/s would you still not be able to deliver more than average 100mb/s?  What do you mean with network related changes? If i now have more than confirmed 250mb/s with Freedome turned off,and i now have poorer results with Freedome turned on, then there must be a clear explanation/solution for this?

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    Hi Grimlock,


    We do not limit the speed on purpose, and the speed you're experiencing depends on a lot more than just the router. This article can also provide more information:

  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 18

    This does not give any answer to the problem with extremely slow speed on my router.When doing this Ookla test with Freedome location turned of, i receive these results:

    Download speed Mbps 258 upload speed 106Mbps


    However when turning Freedome on and location on, i recevie these results:


    Download speed 82 upload Mbps speed 99 Mbps


    Are you saying that this is the best results you can provide with Freedome turned on?

  • freedoomfreedoom Posts: 1

    That's purely based on where you are setting the location to. 


    I get my full ISP speed through freedome, with my closest VPN server - also stockholm. And the ping is so good I never turn it off while playing games.


    Where are you setting the location and expecting those results =)

  • GrimlockGrimlock Posts: 18

    I live in Sweden, so the closest location should be in either Sweden or some of the other Nordic countries.I have tried all the closest locations,including Sweden,Finland,Norway and Denmark and i all the time get equal poor results when having Freedome turned on. I tried them all,but with Freedome on i get slow results.


    However, when i turn Freedome of, i get highest speed from my ISP with 250/mbs-300mb/S.

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