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Sarajevomamma Posts: 2 New Member

I have a subscription on five devices. I am currently in Greenland and would like to register a new mobile for the F-secure Freedom but have a problem to get it to work. Is there some geographic restirction?



  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    In Freedom is a list of placements》countries in Europe, in North-America etc.

    Greeland is a part of Denmark, but the Danish location is in Copenhagen. Here in Norden.

    Closest to you is Canada (three cities) in Freedom.

    I dont't know, does it work.

    If you are only of short duration visit, could you do registering later? When you back home.


  • Sarajevomamma
    Sarajevomamma Posts: 2 New Member

    I need to have it operating while I am in Greenland, since I am working here all summer. Anybody who has managed to instal it in Greenland?


  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    Have you tried to use as location Canadas city, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver?

    In Freedom is not Greenland location at all.

    You can change location in Freedom.
    It is possible to use automatic location too.


    Midsummer greetings
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Sarajevomamma,


    Could you elaborate as to what issue you are facing in registering the new mobile?


    Are you currently already using all your 5 licences or would you like to add one license to this new mobile? Have you tried to download and put in the license code? What happens during the registration?


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