“F-Secure has generally been a lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty.´´---Wikileaks

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“F-Secure has generally been a lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty.´´

I found a very interesting article in the newspaper INDEPENDENT. I wanted to hear the F-secure version! ????? !!! ............ As a customer I was worried !!!!!!!!








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    You able do not read my reply (I'm also just F-Secure user); So mainly I just "subscribed" for topic by this. :)




    But anyway as my own feedback about what I read under article (and how I can to understand it):


    --> Since my English is worst... I maybe wrong understood their concerns. But your quoted text:

    "F-Secure has generally been a lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty"


    sounds for me like: F-Secure is not really popular solution and as result it was not really large trouble (since all of their targets did not use it);

    In fact - F-Secure can be "a lower tier product" compare to many other solutions. And, as example, well-promoted security software as Avast or AVG can be much more known for users... than F-Secure. 

    While quality and powerful-ability of F-Secure (for my opinion) much higher and better.


    but than article have some other words to this quoted point. Where words about F-Secure's ability to detect/flag suspicious files with certain 'trojan'-setting (which maybe also can be valid for safe applications). I also not sure - if that means "just only this was not easily bypassed" OR that it was only one "layer", which detect such files (and as result -> preventing malicious activities under user's system and files goes be "known" for most of security industry);


    Also there words that this layer bypassed. Quite likely... since F-Secure have a lot of patents (some of them) about detecting malware/trojans/exploits... and some of "designs" can be created many years ago. But F-Secure also will add and improve their design (or change to more "updated" design).


    Also by brief search about some other articles... I found that they claimed Comodo as most "pain" for them. As it detected most of tries (or so);


    Both of meanings (Comodo and that there was just two bypass-design for their trouble with F-Secure) generally show.... that they do not really wanted to break/trick/hack/bypass security solutions. Since most likely there can be much more bypass-techniques by this ones.. who want to do this....


    --> Under article also have advice to use Google Chrome as much better and safe (?!) browser, than all other browsers... and even more "stop using Internet Explorer" generally based on exploiting "saved passwords"-feature - which not recommended to use already many years (and adviced by most of security blogs or even more... by security software solutions as Password managers). Basically "such attack" (and related to this) with my experience more common for Firefox/Chrome. Most of potential things indeed fixed. But this is same for other up-to-dated browsers too;

     After this points^  - I decided to re-check more about this "entropy-bypass" for F-Secure. And it looks like that it was also quite "common" thing based on some limitations.

    But anyway there also available such resources, where have some replies (?!) from F-Secure under article:


    You able to read it... while there missing any fresh official replies.


    Maybe it will be with workday (or later) - quite good if there will be something like that!



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    Hi whitefox,


    We already have a blog post here in the Safe and Savvy blog regarding this Vault7 weak. Please have a look.


    There is also a list of FAQ's found in the Labs blog here about the same topic.

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