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Belmar tried to sort out my problem with your product by taking over my computer but failed saying the problem was at F-Secure's  end and that he would get back to me via email later that day...............nothing. I will give you one more chance to sort this problem out and if not iI will expect my money back so that I can buy another Virus Protection, seems a shame as this would have been my third year with you and in the past have had no problems until this year.




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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also F-Secure user; so there not an official answer/response.


    Just if your topic not only feedback about situation, but expectation for some responses.


    Since there community - there also F-Secure users, who able to provide some suggestions only (generally). If you want - you able briefly explain what kind of trouble there with your subscription (but do not provide any data/credentials and secret information); Your subscription/license not accepted by installation? Or something else?

    Just as common view - there possible that Support Agent (and also F-Secure official stuff/Community Managers) will back with workdays. If there already long delay with response from Support Agent - quite good that you created topic - F-Secure Community Team most likely with abilities re-direct concern (and re-check status of your query);



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    Hi Rob,


    Thank you for your post, highlighting your concern. Let me assure you that I have brought this post to the support team's notice so that they can get back to you with further information.


    I am sorry to hear about the email delay and your experience with the renewal.

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