Does Windows 10 update turn F-Secure IS off?

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Does Windows 10 update turn F-Secure IS off?

This is somewhat similar to the thread

Windows 7 Action Centre Reports F-Secure is Turned Off

but not exact as it only happens during updating.


I have this eecPC 900 with Windows 10 home and use is maybe once a month.

It is so slow that I have to start is a day early so that it has time to finish Windows and F-S IS updates before I start using.

I've noticed it a couple of time that while doing Windows update I get the message that F-S and Defender are both turned of and in in F-S it suggest to reboot the PC.

Rebooting does turn F-S on again, but after a while it goes off again.

Another way to turn it on is first to go to F-S and disable all of it and then turn on, but again it goes off after a while.

When the Windows (and F-S) updates are completed it stays on without problem.


Is that something similar Kaspersky reported Windows doing to their software?

Has anybody else experienced anything similar in Windows with only F-S installed and active?


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