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Trying to add another device on my f secure free safe app , you are supposed to get 5 free devices , I add another device it sends it over by email to new device , I click on link and it takes me to App Store and asks me to put password in to buy it, surely this can't be right , tried several times with same outcome heeeeeeeeelp


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    Sorry for my reply.


    There available next knowledgebase-articles for iPad/iPhone (with installation-steps):




    Also can be useful Help/Documentation about features/settings (iOS-platform):



    If your situation about next design:


    --> You have F-Secure SAFE account  (five devices-license);

    --> Under My F-Secure portal you "added another device" (it trigger letter for your device with installation-links);

    --> Such link redirected to AppStore (generally... link will open "installer"-place);


    If it like that - most likely there was proper design yet.


    But not clear about ""and asks me to put password in to buy it""; If "AppStore" about iOS-devices - so I not really friendly with such platform; but there probably should work next meanings:


    --> From AppStore you should be able to download F-Secure application (most likely kind of "Safe Browser") as trial;

    --> For activation all features (license-time) you have to login with your F-Secure SAFE account credentials (not required to buy it maybe?!); When you login "under iOS application" to My F-Secure Account - it should proper validate license for this device/installation;


    If your experience about something else (or there will be anyway stuck) - just back with reply.

    Most likely there comes more suggestions/advices from more experienced users or official F-Secure stuff;



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