Add application exceptions to firewall settings in profiles

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I have just installed 40 workstation PSB for a client. I have multiple applications on each workstations that need to connect through the firewall.


Unlike Policy Manager for use with Client Security, there is no provision to add application exceptions to the firewall settings in the profiles. That means I now have to go around all of the workstations and 'allow' all of the apps on each.


What's the point of having centralised management if you can't use it to control the product settings?


I'm sure the old PSB portal had this capability; why has it been removed from the new one?


This will be the last large PSB installation I'll do until this issue is fixed!!


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    I'm a little unclear on this, because the Firewall used in Client Security is the same as the one used in PSB Workstation, and as far as I know neither of them have the capability to allow applications through the Firewall.


    Please could you provide a screenshot from the Policy Manager console showing the setting you are referring to.


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