Will there be any problem, if i install F-Seucre SAFE on a Windows 10pro, and either Reborn Card og



will there be any problem, if i install F-Seucre PSB on a Windows 10pro, and either Reborn Card og Deep Freeze..


I regned i have to enable a virtuel drive ie. V: and then install SAFE in that drive. and only let Reborn Card og Deep Freeze on boot and C: drive.

 - Dokcument and maybe Profile on dreive ie D: dreive...


Will that be without any sorrow Smiley Happy ?


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    Is this the same question, you have already sent earlier?
    And you have received an answer.

    I got a view from the mails you have sent,
    that norsk är bekant för dig.

    Du kan läsa artiklar om F-Secures produkter på norska här på Community sidor.
    You can read articles in norwegian, adress:


    Med vänlig hälsning

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    Sorry adress, this should work better:

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    Yes and no


    I have postet this issue regards PSB and NOT LIVE.

    So.. the question is still an issues.



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    Sorry.. NOT LIVE - its shoud be SAFE...

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    Sorry for my reply. Good if there will be an official response from F-Secure SAFE team (as it was with F-Secure PSB);

    But since there it not comes yet - just some of points (as my suggestions; I'm also F-Secure user):


    -> I think that there can be small difference about official response for PSB and for SAFE; At least, with meanings that they did not check it with enough view, time and quality (if 'check it' at all). And they do not able to provide any proper words about "compatibility"-status.


    -> F-Secure SAFE should normal work on Windows 10;

    But most likely that with default view and "default configuration" there possible to install it only on system drive. I not sure - if there possible properly install F-Secure SAFE on virtual drive (maybe yes... potentially) as supported ability;  


    -> I not really friendly with "Reborn Card / Deep Freeze", but after brief search about it... looks like that I tried something around this. But with already not supported Windows OS (so - expected that such technologies .. on current day .. much more usable and high quality; eventually F-Secure IS/SAFE also can be with critical changes about); It was about F-Secure Internet Security and with my experience -> network installer just did not work properly (not triggered any proper mistakes, but it was not possible to install F-Secure IS with such design);  Maybe with "Reborn Card / Deep Freeze" there too much different situation and if installation will be completed - maybe anyway it can to be just as workaround (also - if "second point" will be not a main trouble there);


    Sorry for my reply.



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