F-Secure Freedome VPN - refuses to work on S8

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F-Secure Freedome VPN is refusing to work on the Samsung Galaxy S8. I have a valid licence key for 3 devices. None of the licences are currently being used. All I get is this stupid error message stating that Freedome VPN doesn't work on my device. 



Mark Bovill. 


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    Hi Mark,


    Is the error message seen during the license activation since you mentioned none of the licenses are used?


    Or if Freedome is installed on your device, do you see the error when turning on Freedome? Could you please elaborate on your issue as when you see the error and the exact message seen?


    Do you have other devices which has Freedome installed?

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    I have just wasted 40 minutes of my time typing out a reply to you, only to have it deleted because I wasn't logged in here. Disgraceful. You are the ONLY company that is such a pain in the ass. I just can't believe the lack of common sense - you expect customers to create an entire new account, with separate login details, just to speak with you?!? 


    In any case, your idiotic software - designed and developed by idiots - says: "This code isn't valid for this device". Baloney. The code is



    I am not going to have any more of my time wasted. You can reply to me, and provide me with a direct email to respond to. Failing that, you can refund my money. 




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     Hi Falcon6661,


    I have escalated this post to our support agents and one of them will be handling it further. They will be communicating via email for further troubleshooting.


    Regarding the reply to the post, if you are not logged in and you click post after you fillup the information, it will post the information once logged in. The reply to the post should not be lost as it will automatically be seen once you login.

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