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On a 3 licences key i have 2 computers associated ( A and B )  and one free .

The B computer is now out of service, i'm going to buy an other one for replace it

When i'll install Internet security on the new computer, i want internet security to use the licence of the broken one. I don't want internet security to use  the free licence (this licence is intended to bu used with an other computer in the future (C) )

What do i need to do to proceed like this ?


I suppose if i don't take any care, internet security will take the free licence and let the licence of the out of service computer associted to this device. So one of my licences will be lost ...


Thanks for your help




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    If we talk about F-Secure Internet Security (and up-to-date build of F-Secure IS as recent available):


    There should be helpful next knowledgebase-article:


    Generally it normally explained design.. and I just can to add my suggestions about certain your situation:


    -->  with your situation (where you do not able to uninstall F-Secure IS from second device) installation for fresh third device indeed take your 'third license key from subscription';


    BUT - if you later decided to install F-Secure IS to another device (with using your subscription) - installation should trigger 'Re-use' dialog (because all three licenses marked as 'in use') - where you able to 'release license from unused' system.




    As another options - there can be 'getting support by chat/phone' or 'reset licenses' (which - I not sure - if still available by common steps); Generally 're-use'-design should be most helpful and useful for you.


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