Bought Total in US but am getting emails in German

I bought my F-Secure Total in the US, but my emails are coming in another lanquage; German.


  • Ukko
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    Just as some suggestions:


    --> FIRSTLY:

    You able to try contact direct Support Channels (chat or phone) with their work-hours.

    It can be with delay (and not available time to time.. even there work-hours and not weekends), but for such situation (as handling subscription information) it should be one of useful options.


    Maybe they able to re-check your subscription information (or account settings) and will create some proper advices;


    --> SECONDLY: just as my own suggestion:


    Did you buy it directly from F-Secure (as their own website and their online shop)?

    Or (even if directly too) does it possible that there was some experience about any promotions (?!) - which can be local promotions and when you register your account (it was ?! partly marked as your prefer settings for mail letters)?


    Sorry for my reply.



  • FloridaJo
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    I bought it directly from their website,,

    no promotions, no coupons.

  • Ukko
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    Not sure about some else potential reasons for such situations (except 'registration under local version of F-Secure website'; or technical trouble with 'misconfiguration' preference for your account language settings and as result language of notification/letters from F-Secure) - but I still think about direct support channels as most useful step (also - with workdays - maybe F-Secure Community Managers should be with more abilities and proper help; generally if reach support will be not an option);


    I just re-check my account (and some previous letters) -> for me there missing such view (when not expected language under letters) - but does such letters indeed from F-Secure (?!).


    Good if there will be some other suggestions - maybe it known situation.



  • Näsäviisas
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    Hello Florida!

    Do you use Googles gmail, Ms Outlook or what email-system?
    And is the text or only headlines in Germany in emails?
  • FloridaJo
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    I use Gmail for email.

    Headlines and text are in German.

    I contacted support, and they said they would have the 'backend' group look at it.

    The invoice came in English, but the installation email came in German.

    see pic


    Installation in German

  • Näsäviisas
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    I cannot open the installation file here. And I don't want Germany version.


    The coming emails, are they in wrong language = Germany, only from F-Secure? And the other mails in English?


    In Google settings you can change language. 


    Have you received many emails from F-S? Or was this installation the only one?


    With email greetins!


  • Ukko
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    Just as feedback (about my letter "Get started with F-Secure TOTAL" and English-view of it):


    Thank you for choosing F-Secure TOTAL
    You have successfully created a My F‑Secure account that you can use to protect all your devices.
    To get complete protection, install both F‑Secure SAFE to keep you safe online and FREEDOME VPN to protect your privacy.
    Follow these instructions to get started 
    1.Log in to My F‑Secure.
    2.Select "Add device" to install SAFE.
    3.Download and install SAFE to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
    4.Select “FREEDOME” from the top menu of My F‑Secure to install FREEDOME VPN.
    5.Select “Install FREEDOME now” to download and install it to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

     Also there notes under 'bottom of letter':


    You have received this email because you signed up for a free product trial, purchased one of our products, or subscribed to our newsletters. 
    Change your notification settings   |  Unsubscribe    |  View in browser


     Where "Change your notification settings" will open something as options (which letter-content you want to receive from F-Secure)... I do not find proper step to 'choose/check' there language-settings (?!). But, for me, this page opened with English; If your experience about another view... under URL there have 'lang'-parameter, but with encoded (?)-view. So, not clear - if there can be workaround-trick as (re-change lang-parameter to English-related encoded-value and than use "Update" button - which maybe re-trigger proper language for next letters);


    BUT THIS IS ONLY JUST AS my workaround/feedback-thoughts.


    I think that if you will be with missing response from F-Secure Support (if they should create something for you by mail-letter ?! as continues help) - good if with workdays there will be clarification from F-Secure Community Managers about proper steps with such situations (since "My F-Secure Account" still with 'under construction' (at least, for me) words under mail-notification-settings tab - where previously was possible choose lang - if I normally remember);



  • FloridaJo
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    The 'Change your notification settings' opened up for me in German.

    The invoice was in English, the intallation email was in German.  These are the only emails I have received so far.  For some reason, the support tech wanted to do a remote session where he'd have control of my computer.  I do not understand how that had anything to do with this issue, as the email was sent from their location, and as an elect tech and software writer, I don't see how a remote session would fix the problem.  It gave me the feeling that the 'wannacry' but has flooded them with orders and they had to sign up a bunch of new support personnel with little experience.

  • Näsäviisas
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    How to change the language.

    - Logging in your account
    - click your icon
    - click my settings
    - click vv
    - preferences, language, change it
    - click save

    This works really! I did a test!

  • FloridaJo
    FloridaJo Posts: 23 Enthusiast

    I don't have that, I have this:


    F-Secure Account Settings

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