When I should renew my subscription it cost 945 SEK. If I buy a new one it cost only 849 SEK!

It´s a bad way to cheat old customers. When I renew I expect to get the lowest price.

It´s a bad bussines maner to try to cheat old customers. To me it´s a matter of credibility and I now has to reconsider to get an other provider.


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    Hej Moltaz!

    I'm sure that there is some kind of explanation.
    If you more information, call Support in Sweden, phone number 08 50744011.
    Open Mon-Fri 8 - 18.
    Du pratade om Svenska kronor, so tänkte att det här mail kom från granland.

    Med vänlig hälsning
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    Hi Moltaz,


    I appreciate that you brought this issue to us. In order to check on this further, in case you haven't contacted support, could you please send me a private message of your previous order number/email used during the purchase? With these information, I will be able to verify on the details and get back to you.


    Sorry to hear about how you feel, I will try my best to get more information on this.

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