Made a thread in Freedome help, but it appears to be inactive

Hi there!


I'm trying to get help with an issue I have, but the thread I made doesn't appear to be public. Did I do something wrong?


This is the link to the thread:

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,426
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    Hi Ridge,


    Your post in the Freedome board has ended in our Spam quarantine. I am not sure why it landed in there; it might be due to some words used in the post. I have now released it from the Spam Quarantine to the Freedome board.


    I apologize for this situation, but you should now be able to see the post visible. 


  • RidgeRidge Posts: 4

    Thank you so much!

    I can guess what tripped the spam filter too, so I understand completely.

  • AvunitAvunit Posts: 11

    what is spam?


    also: if not a verb, then can it be used as an adjective, or can it be both? 

    if you dont understand, i have examples of both, below

    verb: i'd love to spam u!

    adjective: it was spam hard!


    i need a new one of each before my  next speed date

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