there have been changes?

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My subscription is still active but the check for update is not working and the private search button has gone?



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    Sorry my reply... but just as temporary suggestions about your two points.


    You able to ignore my words (and sorry for this long reply; also sorry for my worst English); Because maybe there will be valid and proper response from F-Secure Team with work days. At least it will be good!


    --> About 'check for update is not working' - but how it detected by you? There some notification, prompt or other visible triggers that there is trouble with checking updates (for F-Secure Freedome?!) comes?


    With my previous experience about Freedome - there was missing notification about status after using "check for update" button (but it many times asked as feature request by users - so maybe it changed already); Just if there available Updates (after successful check) Freedome will inform that you able to install updates. 


    Maybe some of Freedome Updates do not 'roll out' automatically from first days. And some of builds required to install as running installer from official website (with current build) - if we want to use them already.


    --> About 'private search button has gone' - if I normally remember this tab was about some tips and common words; And ability to open F-Secure Search.


    If it like that... maybe such action can be related with point that potentially F-Secure Safe Search has been discontinued. At least such 'feature' removed/dropped for Windows beta F-Secure SAFE (as technology preview) as noted there under release notes.


    But most likely (on current time) you still able to use stable F-Secure Search (yet); While beta F-Secure Search main page says that it closed (and we able to use directly Google Search) and that there no reasons to be panic - because our search results and surfing still protected;


    Not sure what they mean about it with this words - does F-Secure Search was 'in fact' not more secure, than direct Google Search;  OR does Google did some changes with their privacy meanings; OR does F-Secure solutions (as SAFE/Freedome) re-design their protection for users - so they still will be with privacy/safety concerns with using Google Search;  :)

     Sorry for my reply.




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