Strange bottle neck behaivor on latest update

PetrolHead Posts: 3 New Member

Did update to latest Freedome, but ping/start to download/surfing takes 20 seconds to start.


Did downgrade to an older one and the problem was solved (tested with three computers, win10)

Never had this issue before, but I cant imagine that Im alone with this behaviour?


Just wanted to inform my problem and solve...


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,597 Superuser



    Maybe your experience can be also related with this topic:


    Where some descriptions sounds like your situation.


    Also not sure if it still latest update for Freedome, but some of them was with fixing next trouble:


    Just as potential suggestion that using previous Freedome build can be with potential (just certain setting/steps) DNS leak.


    Will be good - if with workdays - there will be proper response from F-Secure Team.


    Sorry for my reply.



  • PetrolHead
    PetrolHead Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply =)


    None of them helped, so I did a reverse upadte and it worked with the older version =)

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,597 Superuser



    I think direct URL for Freedome.exe (as installer from official website) will be always about latest up-to-date build of Freedome.

    And I noted topic about DNS Leak -> mostly because some previous builds of Freedome was with such potential 'leak'-status; And even fresh versions of Freedome can be with impact for perfomance (but it also can be with security fixes);


    So - if with your experience  -> perfomance-troubles based on latest update and you back to the some of 'previous versions" - it can be with potential DNS leak trouble. And my second suggestion (point) was mainly about situation that if it can be important for you as potential 'privacy'-leak (but how I can to understand - such trouble was with different limitation and not always will be valid for user);


    Sorry for my worst English;


    I also think that there can be common trouble with something about latest update and 'related' troubles (which noted by different users under community);


    So will be good if tomorrow F-Secure Team properly answered under your topic (with good advices and words)!

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