Unexpected behavior uncovers Freedome connecting to a non-freedome server?

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I have a MacBook and I have come across an unusual situtation. When I stream Netflix or some other streaming website/service, they require my VPN to be off in order to work. Normally, when I need to turn my VPN back on, the streaming stops which is expected behavior.  There are times when I turn the VPN on and my stream continues as if the VPN is still off. This is concerning, is the VPN really on or is it off?


Being an apple product, I realize there is a limit to my diagnostic options. To that end, I purchased an Network monitor/firewall called Little Snitch. Little Snitch has seen traffic going to a server in the IP range of 198.18.x.x - 198.19.x.x. When I look up what that is, arin.net states the following:


"Addresses starting with "198.18." or "198.19." are set aside for use in isolated laboratory networks used for benchmarking and performance testing. They should never appear on the Internet and if you see Internet traffic using these addresses, they are being used without permission."


Why is this happening?


  • Shigster
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    Thank you Laksh.  I have a follow-up question. When I go to "manage virtial Interfaces" in networks I see a virtual interface called Thunderbolt Bridge that appears to bridge 2 thunderbolt ports together. Does Freedome create or utilize this bridge? Does removing it have any impact to Freedome?


    Have a great day.

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    Hi Shigster,


    As seen from the name, Freedome does not create this bridge. It shouldn't have any impact on Freedome as such.

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