F-Secure SAFE call blocker for unlisted numbers.

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Is it possible to block unlisted numbers with F-Secure's call blocker on Android? If so, how, and if not, will this ever be a feature?


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    I read your question and I found out an article on F-S Community, How-to & FAQs, headline: WHAT IS CALL BLOCKER...
    A copy of text: Call B. allows you to block SPECIFIC phone numbers...

    I don't know about future plans.
    F-S specialists surely have information.

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    With my small experience about Android device - there was (for me) temporary troubleview for such feature (kind of not possible to use) and it was helpful reinstallation F-Secure SAFE (and next re-login to account under device);


    Or maybe if you  by 'unlisted numbers' mean 'hidden numbers' (or something like that) - previously such features was missing with F-Secure SAFE (as their own feature) because there should be 'default' system ability/feature of Android platform (such as more good to use it). I did not check it with Android platform, but with my Windows Phone there indeed build-in system ability to block hidden numbers (not sure if Android platform should be with missing feature; at least recent Android versions);


    Just as additional words to previous good reply - there can be useful this documentation/help page:

    https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/safe-android/2016/en/concept_01B3E7B7E1FA4C6B863249AAD4217A78-safe-android-2016-en   Or just direct steps view under subtopics;



    Maybe with workdays there will be proper tips/advices from F-Secure team.


    // later added:


    Yes, sorry... I just found that "unlisted number" definitely means kind of unknown (unrecognized

    numbers most likely.

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