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1. Group tags for passwords. Like Forums,Shopping etc.


2. Encryption the password when copying into the cache.


3. 2 Factor Authentification like in Last Pass or Dashlane.


4. Encrypted exported passwords.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as my suggestions/feedback about your feature request. Generally such features should be quite good and pretty interesting.


    But I want to add some of my thoughts about them.


     What about your first point with Group-tags. I think - that this is good feature and it already asked many times.

    Maybe there should be something, but I also feel that you able to use kind of 'tags' with current F-Secure Key also.

    Just you able to name your entries with such design "FORUMS: name-of-entry", "FORUMS: name-of-another-entry"; "PINs: name-of-entry" and etc ;

    Such entries will be sorted and all entries of 'tag' will be close to each other. And you able to use 'searchbox' and filtered entries by 'known tag'; Just as example;

    But your feature-opinion most likely can be much better (but also maybe required more work and re-design steps for F-Secure Key team);


     What about your second point with Encrypted clipboard - I think that it sounds pretty good and important.

    But basically....

    it will take more resources (like hook the copy-action to clipboard/cache -> encrypt -> save -> hook the paste-action from clipboard/cache -> decrypt -> destroy) - but potential security additional results not quite visible.

    Because if there is protection against malicious files (keyloggers or other malware) - most likely - if such file not detected under your system ALREADY - so.... while there F-Secure Key using encryption clipboard for paste it to the forms... it can be not quite useful - because keylogger/other-malware able just get critical data directly from this forms/browser/filesystem or other meanings;

    So - most likely that there just should be quite good protection against malware by Security Solution;

    But as additional to all of this meanings - how I can to understand -> F-Secure Key used anyway 'another' clipboard (than system one) and also there should be 'temporary cache'. So after some time (minute?!) after your "copy" password/login from F-Secure KEY UI - it should be 'destroyed' (not like with system clipboard - which can be there hours); Maybe there already something as kind of 'encryption/protection' can be (?!);


     What about third point with TwoFA - maybe F-Secure Key for android?! use already something like that ?! (not sure).

    But it can be good for all platforms, of course;

    My opinion about such setting that it should be optionally (at least); If there strong master-pass-phrase as main password (and with proper 'safe'-status for save this) to open F-Secure Key usually it can be enough.

    But for potential troublesituations - such layer can be too much useful;


    And your point with 'Encrypted exported passwords' - can be just good feature... I think. at least - if optionally - it should be good and helpful.


    Sorry for my reply.



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    I would really urge you guys to do this, as having 50 ++ password looks VERY messy, would be very nice if i could make 1 tab with more than 1 username and password OR if i could organise them in folders. This i feel would be the most important thing for me to actually keep using this program. As the way i had it on Keepass was very organised and easy to find things.