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Trying to visit workarounds for Chrome issue and get Access Denied.


The links are listed towards bottom of this thread:


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    Sorry for my reply. Not an answer, but just as temporary suggestion.


    Looks like that this article (as some other articles) was removed (hidden?) or re-placed under Knowledgebase.


    If I normally remember this article:


    Was about 'already' known trouble with changes from Google Chrome 52 to Google Chrome 53; And their extension-rules checking.  Most likely about re-enable extension instruction (after F-Secure fix).


    And maybe it should be common steps; And as example can be related with this website's steps (about related trouble and another companies):

    Also such steps also noted under discussion between F-Secure developers and Google stuff (as I can to understand);


    Maybe F-Secure Knowledge base articles removed  because there already changes with their extension/chrome design; And user's actions do no required. Or maybe such instructions already start be outdated and not work.


    Do you have any troubles with Chrome and F-Secure browser extension?


    Also - good if tomorrow (?!) there will be normal official and useful response from F-Secure Team about your main topic-ask meanings.



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    I am having trouble with F-Secure and Chrome, but can't specifically point to browser extension.  All I know is that several machines I have F-Secure installed on, immediately started crashing Chrome, when they have been fine for over a year with F-Secure.

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    As I can to understand your experience about Business solutions ( based on this topic, where you also replied: )


    If yes, based on this help-documentation:


    There indeed string as 'known trouble':


    Chrome stops working and reports a crash of Browsing protection extension (CSEP-98658)
    In rare cases, after updating and restarting the computer, the Chrome browser cannot display pages and reports that the F-Secure Browsing protection extension crashed. This relates only to Windows 10. As a workaround, restart your computer again.

     Which maybe also valid for 'this another topic';


    So - I not sure - if your situation about this or not; But maybe you anyway able to create support-ticket:


    With fsdiag and your description - maybe they able to re-check it;  If this is not an option; Most likely there (under community) will be response from F-Secure Team  with much more useful advices.


    If there another experience - sorry for my suggestions.



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    Hi farmersLSD,


    The article mentioned describes the issue which was happening in an older version of Chrome. The article was specifically about a corrupted extension message with Chrome 53 version. The steps are not suitable anymore with the recent versions, hence the article is not viewable.


    In your case, could you please let us know which F-Secure product and version are you using and more briefly on the issue you are facing. Are you seeing any error message when Chrome crashes? Did the crash happened after any recent update?


    What is the OS of your device?

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    Thanks for info.  I was just looking for things to try.  It's been pretty frustrating.  We have two machines in office and I have had to copy UserData, uninstall Chrome, resintall Chrome, and restore UserData.  Sometimes it will go two weeks and sometimes it will crash two days in a row.


    Chrome opens with a grey background and it shows all the extensions that aren't opening in the lower right-hand corner.  Nothing works.  No browsing, no settings, can't open any "about://" pages.


    It's been happening on mine and another test machine for two months.  We decided to expand our testing area to include a lab and all teacher machines, but we had to stop installing once we hit this.  We're still testing.  We got these two crashes, then disabled two policy settings.  One for Connection Control and the other for browser protection.  We then tested in the lab, but no issues on any of those machines (25 of them).  I read about some NIF component that required a wait time before opening Chrome, so not sure if that is what allowed the lab machines to run, or the policy, or something else.


    Windows 10 1511 with all security/critical updates.  We'll be imaging with 1703 the next week or so.

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    Thanks for updating, farmersLSD! I see you have replied in the PSB board in the Chrome Extensions crash post and Vad has been replying. I am sure he will be able to guide you in the issue.


    The posts you checked before (with the access denied issue) is on the consumer side and might be different than the one with the business products.

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