F-SAFE not safe for my son! Please help

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Hi, I am trying F-Secure which is going to expire in 6 days and I haven't resolved the issues I am having. I tried to get help through the forum but if I cannot resolve this I won't be able to buy at the end of the trial


I am setting up parental controls for my son using Chrome. I have denied Youtube in the web restrictions but this can still be accessed.
In the allowed website I have allowed www.narwhale.io but he cannot access the games as it looks like some authorisations are missing
This happens using Chrome

If I use IE - Youtube is restricted

Also, on Chrome if I type the word SEX for example he can access lots of adult only websites when in the web contents I had blocked that. Any website with that word in could be accessed
In IE some adult only sites are blocked some others are not (example THE SUN)
What can I do please? Why does it happen? This is not obviously secured for my son

Many thanks


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    browser extensions are activated in both browsers

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    Sorry for my reply.


    I'm also just F-Secure user. So, my words will be just as suggestions mostly.


    //later added - Smiley Sad I tried just to do response... but my reply goes to be too much long. Sorry for that.

    You freely able to ignore my reply - if you do not want to read this or do not have time for that (there most likely can not be too much useful words for you); Sorry else one time.


    {--> About trouble with Chrome (and your other topic);

    But do you able to repeat it with your steps (or your son just did the trick and do not explain how?!);

    If yes - maybe you able directly to contact Support Channels as chat: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/contact-support

    And they able to provide technical research about reasons, meanings and how it possible to fix;


    I can not to think about some potential things because I do not use Google Chrome browser (basically I also do not use Google services too much). So - I not tried to repeat it under my systems.  But just because your words have meanings that it possible to do under his account....  maybe means that there can be something as 'another' URL ; Maybe you able double-check that denied all of potential meanings (or as example if you do not use 'allow visit just allowed websites' - you able to choose Content Blocker category 'social media' and youtube should blocked; so you able to re-check - if with such settings will be blocking or not; if will be - you able to re-check which URLs blocked there);


    Not sure about 'www.narwhale.io' - because it not work with my experience also (I allowed some resources - including such website also; but there anyway not possible to use service and a lot of server-mistakes ?! not check it more yet); Experience not about Google Chrome;


    {--> About adult-content;


    This is worst point - because current web and Internet (event if it will be valid and safe websites/webpages) practically and fully trash. And Google Search with their 'related pictures/search results' (or even Google Advertisements) able to trigger real scam. Maybe often it can be based on marketing and SEO steps, but anyway.. if I will search something as 'hallingdansen' or 'skyr' there possible that I get some of unexpected and unwanted results. but this my examples should be one of 'safe' queries - but I have enough experience with unexpected/unwanted results with normal query and Google Search;


    So most likely with 'suspicious' queries there will be a lot of potential trouble pages.

    F-Secure should be generally with quite good blocking about it. Mainly I did not check it directly. But I have large experience about false-positive detections for adult-category (when safe pages marked like this; some of them with potential reasons for such false positive); So about 'indeed' related content - it should be generally blocked; Except meanings - that there is too much trickest pages. Or kind of 'valid scam pages';


    Also, I not sure about "THE SUN" - do you mean media website (popular tabloid newspaper)? If yes - most likely it not rated as 'adult' - but rated as some other categories (not able to check it - but maybe news/blogs?! maybe social media - but not likely; or other);


    With any of meanings - you able to do next steps:




    You able to choose option ' I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results'  and choose there URL type as (strange content not blocked --> and than related category); It will trigger re-analyze URL;

    As it noted under webpage - it possible to transfer text-file with multiple URLs (maybe with descriptions like "this URLs should be rated as certain-category: ..... ;  next URLs should be rates as another-certain-category: ......;" or something like that;


    ALSO F-Secure SAFE have technology preview/beta.

    And on current time this beta F-Secure SAFE have fresh design (so called) Family Rules (Parental Control) - where comes re-design steps for meanings (how to rule/manage restricted content and other) and also with changes about categories and handle it;


    I can to say - that it start be more good (partly) and with additional more design for detecting 'restricted' content. So - it likely that with fresh F-Secure SAFE builds (current beta/TP) adult-category start be with more good detection. And more pages should be properly blocked.

    Also maybe there can be fixes for your trouble with youtube;


    {--> About common meanings;


    My view for such situations..... and understanding... that practically all not brutal things (like system or F-Secure Parental Control; or other security solutions) not difficult to bypass;

    As we talk about F-Secure. There possible to bypass Parental Control (and Content Blocker) by different steps and meanings. Most of them limitation of browsers/websites/services/designs of feature or other;

    This is maybe not nice... but will give more sense just for additional talk with your son about such things. More like common sense about usage web/Internet and things around it. I do not able to give any tips - because it should be based on a lot of things.


    My feelings about Internet/web as about kind of trash. And which really not 'useful' for good feelings already many years. If you do not add your own steps to use it with much better view;


    And this is worst point - because 'oldschool' web was pretty well (which also was with many scam and strange things);


    But I able to think about some of potential layers for your situation (description):


    --> For Google Search (but it valid for Yahoo/Bing too; maybe also for local large search engines; and maybe for things like DuckDuckGo) there should be available their own settings and option called as "SafeSearch";


    Maybe this article should explain this feature:



    It possible switch (or turn on) to 'Strong'-level; With such view - a lot of 'unwanted' (generally adult) contents will be missing with Google search results (it should work for pictures and certain search results URLs); Bing and Yahoo also have this related feature.


    --> To use advertisements blockers (something as Adblock or another - I not really friendly with them); it can be useful for certain situations;


    --> If you want globally block certain websites/URLs;

    Most likely it should be done under your router (if you use something like that); Such as Wi-Fi router (or router with Ethernet-connection) usually will be with abilities to use something as 'black/white list of URLs' - which you able to block practically globally. as it can be with blocking pages by ISP.



    Sorry for my reply and suggestions!



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