FS Protection PC Release 191

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:

  • Common Component Framework 2.91.198
  • Antivirus 17.191.130
  • Browsing protection 2.191.6000

Fixed issues: 


  • When installing with multiple users logged in, second user gets setup dialog which does nothing (CTS-99389)
  • If computers is suspended while it's installing AV database update, the update will get status 'Failed' even though it succeeds (CTS-99330)
  • In rare scenario the tray icon may not appear - made it more likely to appear (CTS-99340)
  • User name is sometimes missing from main UI (CTS-99319)
  • Lower half of "Accept and install" button does not work (CTS-99318)
  • User profile info not updated if expired client is given a new license (CTS-99292)
  • Family Rules capitalization inconsistent in user interface (CTS-99278)
  • If Family Rules setup fails due to network error, there is no "Cancel" button (CTS-99274)
  • Switch user fails if previous user was deleted in portal (CTS-99262)
  • Client shows it's protecting user that was deleted in portal (CTS-99261)
  • Family Rules tab is accessible when product is expired (CTS-99260)
  • Some rare setup dialogs are smaller than they should be (CTS-99214)


  • Crash on Antivirus (CTS-99308)
  • Switch user menu not closed after switching profile (CTS-99249)
  • Main UI tabpage names truncation problem (CTS-99164)
  • DeepGuard Potentially Unwanted Application flyer text ends with colon (CTS-99329)
  • No menu indicator on Scan options button (CTS-99314)
  • Online Safety version number wrongly formatted in About window (CTS-99337)
  • Main UI left bar buttons on top of each other (CTS-99295)
  • Help: contecxt sensitive help pages cannot be opened (CTS-99381)
  • Help content is not currently available (CTS-99379)
  • Scanning - Flyer inconsistencies (CTS-98906)
  • "Turn on Windows firewall" with 2nd login user (CTS-99338)
  • Main UI "Scan" button hover color wrong (CTS-99396)
  • Different interaction model between main UI dialogs (CTS-99313)
  • Active tab should not have hover (CTS-99312)
  • Subscribtion status not properly aligned (CTS-99310)
  • Tools name wraps one letter (CTS-99327)
  • Help file out of date (CTS-99317)

Browsing protection:   

  • Hoster crash when pressing "Allow" button in block page if allow/deny list is open (CTS-99323,CTS-99242,CTS-99356)
  • SAFE_BUG-01730 Time limits: minutes show as hour (CTS-99351)
  • SAFE_BUG-01731 Desktop start be "not accessible" after device time usage lock (CTS-99345)   
  • SAFE_BUG-01571: Opening settings from banking flyer does not ask for elevation (CTS-98918)   
  • SAFE_BUG-01725 Tools tab under Main UI maybe with "wrong" view/size (CTS-99353, CTS-99327)
  • Content filtering limit not shown on Family Rules tab (CTS-99334)
  • Time limit stop updating timestamp after sleep (CTS-99392)   
  • Unable to select user after decline (CTS-99305)
  • Protecting profile name missing (CTS-99321,CTS-99332)
  • Browsing Protection - Settings Wording Inappropriate (CTS-99235)    
  • "Browser extension is not installed or is turned off" (CTS-99366, CTS-99410)
  • Unrated bubble icon for https://www.nasa.gov/ (CTS-99244) 
  • Edited Allow/Deny list item does not get saved (CTS-99322)
  • Time limits extended time may cause locking logic to stop updating itself (CTS-99299,CTS-99294)
  • Extending time limits from flyer does not work (CTS-99286)    
  • 2nd user Browsing protection tab in UI is updated only after reboot or restarting hoster processes(CTS-99272)   
  • Content Filtering does not work with Internet Explorer (CTS-99193)
  • New content filtering categories mapping is still incomplete, therefore some urls may show blocked categories while others not. (CTS-99131,CTS-99128)
  • Bedtime is still show when Time limits is disabled (CTS-99390)
  • Unrated url showing harmful block page in IE11 (CTS-99288)  
  • Parental Control - False Content Blocker Status (CTS-99084) 
  • Browsing protection does not install (CTS-99023) 


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    Thanks for the release. Quite good fixed things there. :)

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my over-the-reply. Just as feedback maybe;


    == About Family Rules some thoughts ==


    ---> I generally do not have any dreams to use strong restricted limits for device usage (time limits). And if I will use such features - most likely it will be more as 'symbolic', than something else;

    Latest weeks I tried to use some of 'not common' settings and just some potential points  which I want to suggest/ask or just as feedback;


     {-> Does it possible to add (additionally to FIVE minutes; FIFTEEN minutes, THIRTY minutes and ONE Hour) extend-options like "TWO Hours" and "Postpone for today"?



    Maybe as 'specific' options from 'device lockpage' -extend dialog (add more time) only; And not always (as extend dialog from 'soon will be time limits end'); Or maybe it can be OK for any meanings;


    There my feelings about next view: if there already time limits and we have lockpage for device; BUT we have to extend time usage (or allowing 'continue' to use system) -> it can be time to time useful extend two hours (than one hour and than if required else one extend for one hour); Two hours (as temporary requirement) can be enough (and if not - quite good options than to allow one hour or two hours; or less than hour);  If it will be more (as potential extend-option) - maybe not reasonable; But "two hours' looks can be good;


    And what about 'Postpone/Cancel for today' - can be useful - if we want to cancel any device-time-limits for certain day (for today); It can be much better - than we have to disable feature; Or always allowing (if there reached limits); On current time - if we have time-limits - but do not want them 'be valid for today' - there missing any brief steps (if timelimits reached); Except as allowing extend-time or disabling feature; But such option can be as good exclusion-ability; 

    Next spoiler not valid already.... how I can to understand.

    Most likely it was trouble based on previous "local stuck for extending-time" (when it not added/extend time and timelimits goes broken); Becase it normally work with current TP (and maybe previously - but based on points taht extend from dialog not worked with previous TP; and stuck after allowing time was more often - it was with such view);



     {-> Does it possible to save 'extend-option-choose action' after restart system?

    There next meanings and situation: if we get device lockpage and extend time  for 'one hour' else (as example); We able use system this hour. But if we do restart after 'two minutes' (or after any other time; or crash happened for fshoster; or other potential related steps) - so with loading system (or restarting services) we get lockpage and we have to add/extend time else one time.


    Maybe this situation as designed; But for potential situation it can be quite 'not useful'; But maybe this is not common situations...


    == About CURRENT TP some thoughts ==


    Probably not critical three points (about Help; about 'bypass' lockpage; about Antivirus-tab name with larger font-size):



    Quite good that there fresh HELP (Help file out of date (CTS-99317)) - but looks like that there can be still outdated localized help-files (but all OK with default help file); But most likely this as designed (temporary; while default Help up-to-dating); As it can be with changes for Family Rules tab/view;


    Also - I still not sure - does it just my system or fresh lockpage of Family Rules with changes;

    But practically each of them (but mainly with start/load system as restart or turn on system/machine) comes with visible taskbar. And pretty good 'option' rightclick for FS Protection logo (blockpage/lockpage process) under taskbar and choose "Close window" - which normally allow to use system even there limits work;


    There under release-notes also have string about 'Tools tab with potential wrong size/view' (as fixed point); With fresh (current) TP I feel that three tabs comes with one view/size (most likely): Family Rules, Tools, My FS Protection;

    But 'Antivirus'-tab name start be with larger size of font(most likely as it was with Tools-tab previously); I just not sure... if such situation 'designed' with meanings that this tab as MAIN TAB (and it should be with larger size/font); Or it kind of randomly start be larger.

     Sorry for my reply/feedback.




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