Software auto-disconnects and reconnects automatically after 5-10 minutes

Always, when I open my computer (being idle or restarting from scratch), I use freedome to protect my connections.

Always, after 5-10 minutes, it disconnects and auto-connects again, and then it works well as long as I stay using my computer (even if I stay for 2 hours).

That auto-disconnect is really annoying, specially when I'm playing an on-line game as I have to restart.


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Armolt,


    May I know the OS of your device? What is the version of Freedome installed on the device? Is it the recent version?


    Does this disconnect/reconnect happen with all the locations or with a specific location? Are you noticing this issue recently (like after an upgrade/update, etc)?

  • Armolt
    Armolt Posts: 2

    It is Windows 10 Home Version with latest version of freedome and all the security patches for windows. 

    It has happened always to me, and I've tried with two different locations (Paris and Madrid).

    Do you know if there is some log somewhere where I can see why it disconnects?

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Armolt,


    In that case, I would recommend getting in touch with our support team via chat/phone so that they can check the logs and troubleshoot further.

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