Downloading Flash Videos: How?

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I download flash videos in my web browser using extensions in Chrome, but I just read that these extensions contact the extension's author and tells them what is being downloaded even if I'm using "incognito mode".


How can I download flash videos from web sites while I use FreedomE VPN without giving away my true IP and what I'm downloading?


Thank you!


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    Hi Hopeful_Future,


    This kind of “call home” functionality cannot be overcome with Freedome or any other VPN. The browser extensions (like any Windows/Mac/Android/possibly also iOS application too) are able to get the local IP address and deliver that to for example the author of the said extension or application. There is no way a VPN solution could prevent this from happening. The “call home” functionality can easily be (and probably usually is) over an encrypted channel such as https, so there isn’t necessarily even a theoretical possibility for any product detecting that on the way.


    Modern browsers also can leak the local IP address with a WebRTC functionality even without any extension. More information here:

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    Laksh, your reply is much appreciated!

    How can I download flash videos then without giving away my real IP?
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    I've been doing some research on this and the only way I've found how to download flash videos is by using extensions within a web browser, which is Chrome for me.

    Surely there must be another way I can do this?
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