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Purchased F-Secure TOTAL Security and privacy yesterday night for 5 user. Received an email stating it has been successfully and to create account. Followed the link but was not able to create account I already had one. So happy login only to find nothing there. My newly purchased F-Secure TOTAL Security and privacy for 5 users are no where to be found.


I did not purchase thru the account I created because I couldn't find F-Secure TOTAL Security and privacy. It only has F-Secure Safe which is not what I want hence I purchased directly without logging in.


Please advise what I am to do. Wasn't able to chat online as it is not available. I gather it is due to the time difference.


Thank you


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    Sorry for my reply. And maybe will be good if there comes official response from F-Secure Team.


    But based on your words and meanings:


    --> Does it possible to be an option just creating another account?


    I mean next meanings:


    -> You have subscription information (like subscription-activation license), which you did not use yet.

    -> You able to follow URL like: https://my.f-secure.com/register/totalbox   (mainly it should be under mail-letter with certain valid URL);

    -> Where you able to create fresh account with another mail-address (if you have just one; maybe your mail-provider with option to do something as aliases);


    There was article maybe about related situations (Knowledgebase/How-To):



    You able to re-check article (there have potential another design for some of situations);


    Sorry for my reply.


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