5 licences

Signed up with F-Secure through my Virgin mobile account and put it on my iphone5 no problem, 12 months free. I then tried to put it on my wife's Windows phone and it came up with 30 days free, not 12 months. She deleted app. I then sent it to her iPad and the same thing happened so that app was deleted.  Throughout these attempts it always said on my account 4 licences left. Can anyone explain the problem?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    To be honest, we have similar problems posted on here all the time.  I think the only solution is to Contact Support by Phone or Chat so that they can look into your account.  

  • terrybrazier
    terrybrazier Posts: 5 Observer

    Thanks for your advice Simon, I intend to contact them on Monday.  

  • terrybrazier
    terrybrazier Posts: 5 Observer

    Thanks my friend. Did as you suggested and it worked just fine. 

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