VIRGIN MEDIA - f-secure - pop up windows still happen - don't beleive they ever solved it. VIRGIN

VIRGIN MEDIA - f-secure anti virus is a joke, it's got to be Free for a year as it will take you that long to solve their problems. I SEE PEOPLE WERE HAVING PROBLEMS BACK  IN 2014 WITH THIS ISSUE.


I spent 45 miniutes on the phone with VIRGIN MEDIA tech department to stop pop up windows that NEVER EVER stop and they did not know how to stop them. Then they had the cheek to tell me to phone F-secure and they would TRY and solve it for me. I told them it was their product and I was not solving THEIR problems. CHEEK.


The pop up windows still happen  and I don't believe they ever solved it - This proves it.  It would be ok if you were not putting malware into your computer with this download. BEWARE. I have just about to uninstal mine. ANNOYING


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    Hi popupwindows,


    Have you tried to get in touch with our F-Secure support team via chat/phone to troubleshoot your issue if this is related to F-Secure product? If you are still having this issue with the pop-up, please elaborate on the issue so that we can help you further.


    I am sorry to hear about your trouble, but we are here to help!


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    The pop up window is on my laptop. The window I am on about is in the righthand corner and the one that keeps saying; we have found a harmful virus, then a couple of seconds later another one comes up saying we have removed it. Then few seconds later it repeats and repeats and repeats and this goes on ALL the time the laptop is being used. I have uninstalledF-secure and reloaded it  and is still the same. I even had the tech department from Vigin Media take control of the laptop and they could not work it out. I thinkI  will just have get another antivirus as this one is taking to much of my time.
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    Sorry for my reply and suggestions.


    But do you able understand which file triggered such notification? Or when it happened (if there launched certain software or something else);


    There can be "List of notifications" (or "Recent notifications') under tray-rightclick (F-Secure logo) menu;

    And can be strings with related information about detection (file/destination/action);


    Such view (notification prompt and repeat-actions) should be based on Real-time detection; And there meanings that if it detected multiply times - there can be on-the-fly downloading/creating/unpacking temporary files by other software/other malicious files - which detected by F-Secure;

    Or if there some of files, which not possible to safely remove (zipped, packed or protected files);


    If you able to understand about detection (if there one file or many temporary different files) -> you can just manually delete certain file (if it not required for you); or perform (if did not yet) Full Scan by F-Secure (as example); But all of potential steps can be based on certain view of your situation (include "detection name").


    If you mean - that such notification just false-positive. You able to transfer file/files to F-Secure SAS for analysis and re-rate it:


    (or just to exclude from scanning by related "list of exclusions");


    Sorry for my long reply and suggestions. Smiley Sad



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