FS Protection PC Release 190

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:
  • Common Component Framework 2.90.182
  • Antivirus 17.190.113
  • Browsing protection 2.190.5792

New features:

Browsing protection:

  • Time limits settings change is supported from portal.

Removed features:

  • F-Secure Safe Search has been discontinued and was removed. The browser extensions installed by Safe Search will be removed by this upgrade. Search provider must be removed manually.

Fixed issues:


  • Added explicit "No thank you" -option for Family Rules setup prompt (CTS-99081)
  • Deadlock in core component, causes whole product to stop working (CTS-99082)
  • Family Rules setup fails with "Something went wrong" if Windows "Network Service" account belongs to "Administrators" group (CTS-99106)
  • Installation may fail if Windows device name contains non-ASCII characters (CTS-99124)
  • Custom proxy address allows entering any strings, including Unicode (CTS-99125)
  • Client unable to synchronize settings with Safe Home under certain circumstances (CTS-99202)
  • "Protecting <user>" not shown properly under rare circumstances (CTS-99205)
  • User can get stuck in "Try again" loop when login error happens (CTS-99221)
  • Client stops downloading upgrades until reboot in rare circumstances (CTS-99276)


  • "Firewall is disabled" in main UI (CTS-99168)
  • Computer Security - Firewall Status Wrong (CTS-99216)
  • In Tools tab, Virus scan options are still visible after selecting option (CTS-99243)
  • Main GUI menus don't disappear (CTS-99268)
  • Main GUI, mouse pointer goes to "text mode" wrongly (CTS-99269)
  • Fsfilecontrol.exe is locked and AV requires reboot (CTS-99245)
  • Unable to scan (CTS-99137, SAFE_BUG-01633)
  • Hoster crash when stopping service (CTS-99239)
  • Updating status changes to ok when Browsing protection is turned off (CTS-99172)
  • Compsec main gui shows wrong info when product is expired (CTS-99122)
  • Conflicting status in main UI (CTS-99204)
  • Main GUI "Submit a sample" button not hidden when disabled in settings (CTS-99233)
  • Fs protection main page settings or shield icon unaligned (CTS-99191)
  • Strings truncated in WTS flyer in some languages / resolutions (CTS-99105)
  • Computer Security - Main GUI Initially Shows Incorrect Status (CTS-99092)
  • Main GUI inconsistent with "Turn off" and Browsing Protection status (CTS-99149)
  • OAS detection flyer not shown (CTS-99246)
  • Antivirus status in GUI not refreshed properly after turn off and turn on (CTS-99156)
  • Application and file control message box icons (CTS-98850)
  • RDT: After TP187 upgraded to TP188, "Firewall is disabled" in main UI (CTS-99168)
  • Browsing protection status not correctly reported after "Turn on" operation (CTS-99155)
  • Shield not trigger UAC prompt for "Open last scanning report" (CTS-99151)

Browsing protection:  

  • After TP187 to TP188 upgrade, Browsing protection status is "not active" in UI and in settings the related switch button is not visible (CTS-99167)
  • Content filtering appears disabled after 2nd user has set up family rules (CTS-99052)
  • Family Rules tab localization
  • Web site exceptions a.k.a. allow/deny lists do not work (CTS-99275)
  • "Allow web site" button in block page does not work ( CTS-99159 )
  • "Home page" button on block page removed (CTS-99199)  
  • Browser extension stopped working (CTS-99165) 


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,641 Superuser



    Thanks for release!


    And sorry for ask...


    Just interesting - does it impossible to recover list of allow/deny lists (I mean URLs, which was under the lists before update)?

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Is there something to replace Safe Search?  I can imagine some people will perhaps be unhappy with its removal.  

  • betoche
    betoche Posts: 49 Observer
    Greate work.thankyou for improvement's
  • nanonyme
    nanonyme Posts: 145 Path Finder


    Regarding allow and block lists: I'm afraid they can't safely automatically be recovered if machine was already updated to latest TP. Did you have a significant amount of configurations there?

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,641 Superuser



    With my main system (with FS Protection) there was not really "significant amount". Basically I also expected that there can be such situation (when Family Rules introduced and happened "missing support" for allow/deny lists) - so, I did 'backup' manually for current lists... but eventually I did not find it (maybe I randomly removed this file). URLs which was not forgotten by me about just thirty (mainly 'deny'-list) and I re-add them.


    But with my experience - some of my devices (and on current time - still?! like that also) have lists with thousand URLs (at least a little be less than two thousands URLs - generally 'deny', but also 'allowed' - when I checked it last time about count); Because there missing export/import - re-add it (as after re-installation too) not funny action. So my latest experience and most common systems with less size (maybe hundreds);


    I think that this is not common situation and using this lists designed to be with another view (such as -> most of URLs under allow-list can be re-rated by F-Secure SAS;  and deny-list can be just with small size of URLs);




    But I can to think about potential situation, when "such situation" can be not really nice with "expected usage" (and with my main systems, where installed F-Secure SAFE it can be valid); That if we have multiple accounts (with "user's account", where adding to allow-list (or deny) required "administrator's" rights/credentials) - with such system there can be quite many allowed-websites (or deny) - generally if we use content blocker/family rules; 

    And mainly if we do not remember this URLs (and added "per access requirement") - there can be more steps, than we able to want (if we do not able allow access to website on-the-fly as with administrator-account);



  • betoche
    betoche Posts: 49 Observer

    hello updated to new version and everything is cool :)  but High RAM Usage and system is slow



    almost 500mb! 

  • nanonyme
    nanonyme Posts: 145 Path Finder

    You don't normally have that many fshoster processes unless there was a crash. Have you filed a bug?

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