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does freedome allsow works as an anti-virus. Does it recognize and delete trojans four instance? can anyone tell if it does or doesn't?






  • Michaël
    Michaël Posts: 4 New Member

    ok, thanks. i bought freedome...Alsow would like to buy a f-secure safe but ididn't find it in the stores in belgium.

    You have to understand that i m a victim of stalking,harresment. This is going on four about 5 years now.

    TV, phone, ps3 are infected, a friend gave me a copy f-secure client premium. i took them 3 months to crack it, i have some evidence turned over to the local police. I can 't take the risk of buying online, actually i never bought anything online and the fact that i'm beiing stalked makes me nervous.

    I can buy a kaspersky but the fact that i googled f-secure and have a vpn of f-secure and actually prefer a european anti-virus:). 

    Can f-secure put there anti-virus not only online but allsow in store in belgium?

    That would really help, because i can 't find it anywhere.

    thank you.




  • Laksh
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    Hi Michaël,


    You can try to locate a reseller here for your country and check with them if they provide F-Secure Anti-Virus in a store as well.


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