F-Secure ready for Windows 10 S / Universal Windows Platform Apps ?

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Is F-Secure ready for Windows 10 S / Universal Windows Platform Apps?


Any plans on releasing Apps (e.g. Key, Freedome, other Internet Security feature apps) on Microsoft's App Store?




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    Good one
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    Universal apps are a useful additional tool in toolbox but they at least used to come with severe disadvantages: no hardware drivers and no support for elevating to admin due to excessive sandboxing. I have hard time believing the concept would be entirely useful for security software or VPN. This new centennial functionality (native apps in Windows store) is a completely separate matter but I doubt any developers wanting to support older operating systems than Windows 10 would go head-first at the technology

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    Actually I hope F-Secure's porting Apps to UWP-Apps for Windows 10! I bet especially Key and Freedome could profit from a much better user experience and touch support if Apps would be made more compatible to Windows 10 and features. UWP-Apps can be powerful as well. Just think of the latest announcements for Office 365 or Apple iTunes  as UWP-Apps (hopefully) coming soon to the Windows Store.


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