Suspected malware - SAFE can't find anything but my computer opens stuff on its own.

Maria_ Posts: 2 New Member

I hope this is apropriate to ask for help on this here, and I'm sorry if it's not.
3 days ago, my computer opened a newspaper page ( - norwegian newspaper), my google docs, a music folder on my desktop and a program called "Safe exam browser", when I was away. The last one is made to lock the computer, so you can't open things in the background. It is made for taking exams. I can see in my log on google chrome that the websites were opened aprox 60 minutes after i left my computer. The lid was closed but the power connected. (I have an Asus UX305 with Win 10.) The site were refreshed 4 times in a span of 20 minutes, but that might be automatically because it opened live streamed news. After, my google docs were opened and then probably the exam browser. You can easily close the exam browser by clicking the red X, but the computer didn't do that. I find this extremly wierd websites, folder and program for a hacker to open. My files are fine, not encrypted or deleted and I have now taken a backup. F-secure safe cannot find anything suspicious when I do a full scan, and it has not happened anything since.
The day this happened i installed two programs. The links to the downloads is: http:// and https:// The last program seemed to install fine but then it could not find some kind of file it needed? And the program (Ezvid) would not start. Can a defected but unharmfull program make the websites, folder and program open? Do I need to be worried? Can it be anything else than malware? If SAFE dont find anything is there than a problem? Thank you so much in advance for help!

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