F-Secure SAFE has a problem with Windows 10: Creator's Update


For some reason, When I updated Windows, It did not let F-Secure SAFE start up.

Now it won't let me start F-Secure SAFE up at all, which means I can't update it.

This is not the F-Secure account that I used on the program, as I am not the one who set it up, but I am the owner of the PC. The one who set it up was my father (Who is pretty good with computers), and I do not know his password, so I can't reinstall F-Secure SAFE.

I'm blaming Windows Defender Security Center for this.

(Edit: I can't unistall Windows Defender Security Center either)



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    Hi Lassi_Mäntylä,


    Is there any error when you try to open SAFE? In order to install SAFE, you need to login details of the SAFE account.


    You can check this article on how to send the installer link to another device from a SAFE account.

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