Xfence bricked boy Mac

Downloaded Xfence beta for mac. Everytime I tired to open a file, I'd get the accept/decline box. Became un-workable. Tried uninsalling and removed launch agents. Now, my mac says don't have permissions and casnnot even open a pdf file or send something to trash. HELP!!


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    sorry to hear your troubles. Please try the following:


    1. Boot into recovery mode using Command-R when you hear the boot chime
    2. If your disk is File Vault protected, launch Disk Utility; select your disk and then select File > Mount. You'll be prompted for your account password to unlock the volume. Once unlocked, quit Disk Utility and return to the main recovery screen.
    3. Select Utilities > Terminal to launch a terminal session
    4. Run the following commands to delete the F-Secure XFENCE kernel extension and rebuild the cache:


    rm -rf "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions/XFENCE.kext”

    kextcache –u /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD


    1. Reboot the computer, and then run the F-Secure XFENCE uninstall script to clean up
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    Where can I find the  XFENCE uninstall script?

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    After installing XFENCE, you can find the uninstall script here: /Library/XFENCE/uninstall.sh


    I'm attaching a copy of it to this post, in case you've already removed /Library/XFENCE.

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    For reference, here's the XFENCE User Guide which contains some tips for troubleshooting and uninstalling. It can also be found in the installed product's Help menu.


    EDIT : Removed XFENCE attachment

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    Thanks very much for both posts. I feel like an idiot for missing the uninstall info in the docs. I think I panicked after I screwed up the uninstall.  I'll try to follow instructions this time. Thanks again.

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    No need to feel like an idiot. Smiley Happy It has become clear from our XFENCE beta program that the uninstallation user experience is something we need to prioritise in future versions, as well as visibility of our documentation. Trying out our software should always be as risk-free as possible.

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