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How do I stop the notification pop ups in F-Secure Safe,, they are there all the time and it is very annoying


Thank you


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Which kind of notification pop-ups there? Such as - about what; or when? Does it certainly from F-Secure SAFE (and which platform / OS)?



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    Hello, they are unread notifications and harmful files on my PC.  They pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of my screen every second.  The activity log shows mostly the same file.

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    Have you tried running a full virus scan?  Does the popup give any options as to what to do with the file?

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    Yes have run full scan.  No options its mostly the same file, I tried to paste screen shot but would not paste.  The pop ups are every second, either saying Unread notifications or harmful file removed.






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    The file that keeps reocurring is 98013.bat, F-Secure says it has removed it but the notification say this every second .

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    It sounds like possibly something could be reproducing as soon as it is deleted.  Run a full scan in Safe Mode, and see what happens then.  Come back to us if you need further help with that.

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    As additional to previous reply.


    Can be also helpful next step:


    --> https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact-chat


    Get direct support from F-Secure chat channel. Most likely they able provide technical support and re-fix situation about certain malicious files/activities.


    If this step not an option and you still with this trouble...

    I also able to think that can be helpful to re-check next points:


    --> understand - does this notification happened all time or just when some application launched (as example - browser);


    --> search more information about "Detection name" (and if destination not a Temp-folder - so maybe it can be more visible about "triggers").


    Notifications about multiple detection (and "unread notifications") mainly  should be by real-time scanning. And with situations, when there activities per small timeframe.

    Such as - if another software trying to access/create/drop such file; Or if it kind of "downloading".  Or maybe .bat-file can be as part of some of mail-letters-attachments.

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    I had the same problem , I downloaded a free version of Malwarebytes {google it} you get 3 free scans & cleanup, it cleared it on the first scan .

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    tonyj, good that with your experience you got the proper result and system is clean!


    But.. sorry for my reply/ask... just interesting for me:


    I recently tried Malwarebytes 3 (and read some topics under their websites); So, there was words that Malwarebytes will detect just real malware (with meanings - if Malwarebytes detected something based on their signatures - it should be indeed malicious/harmful file);


    So - if your experience also about F-Secure solutions (Total/SAFE/IS/AV) and F-Secure did not detect something under your system (with full scan) - it might be helpful/useful to known which file/detection was there? At least - for users (as knowledge) or for F-Secure (as improve their detections);


    And I mean that if it possible do you able to add some information -> which harmful files cleared by Malwarebytes with their scan? With privacy meanings, of course.  For example, just filename (if it also 'numerals.bat' - so OK), detection (such as how Malwarebytes detect this file as harmful/malicious file) and destination (if it Temp folder or not; under certain zipped file or as direct file);


    Or (/and) if you able - maybe there can be helpful for F-Secure users (and F-Secure detection design) if there possible transfer such samples/files to F-Secure Labs:




    As harmful/malicious applications/files which not detected by F-Secure;


    Sorry for my reply/ask.



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