Info for compromised sites/passwords

Tioz01 Posts: 8 Observer

Would be cool if F-Secure would show resent compromised sites.


For example I stored my credentials for

If there was a major leak or breach KEY should tell me that one of my password might be compromised.


Same function as lastpass has or



  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser

    Hello, Sorry for my suggestion.


    I also able to think that it can be good feature. and with first builds of F-Secure Key there was something as "news feed" with recent (known) leaks/troubles. But such feature removed later. I think based on next meanings:

    - not really possible to track all valid leaks/troubles;;

    - there already a lot of services - which probably will be much more experienced;;

    - if certain service detected (or start known for them) attack/leak/trouble.... I think that most likely THIS SERVICE have to inform their customers/users directly.


    And what about other meanings - fresh builds of F-Secure Key have kind of "checker" for known/leak/weak passwords (or double-used under your list). And I think that detection for "not strong" passwords (except common sense) able to be there with check password "if it under list of "leaked/known/weak passwords"-lists"; if not - I think that F-Secure Key team probably able to think about this - because can be with much more result, than trying to track/inform all leaks and understand that F-Secure Key user will use this certain service (I think that F-Secure Key do not track users passwords/activities/URLs/Name-of-string/Logo).

    Such as.. I think there not possible to understand/track by F-Secure Key that user using certain service.