Allowing Freedome to work with Android TV - Android 7.0

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e.g Freedome to work with 'NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro 500 GB Home Media Server' or simlimar, which runs on Android 7.0, but I cant seem to get Freedome onto the device. As it dosnt appear in the Play Store, I have been infomred that this is a custom Android version that is not currently supported. 


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    I have used the mobile Android version of Freedome VPN on my android smart TV. It does work but speeds are slow. So now I have created a virtual router setup on my windows 7 PC with connection sharing to connect my Android TV to and speeds for me are acceptable at about 25-35mbps download and about 20mbps upload. Will vary depending on virtual location you connect to. Closest available usually gives best speed test results.


    *Creating Virtual Router With FreedomeVPN*

    Run command prompt as administrator and run the following commands in the order indicated

    1) netsh wlan show drivers Look for hosted network support : YES

    2) "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="Name your connection here" key="Enter a password here"          Look to
    see that hosted network is allowed and ssid and password have been changed

    3) "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" Look for "The hosted network started"

    4)Do not perform this step when creating connection "netsh wlan stop hostednetwork" Used
    to stop the hosted network

    5) Go to Control Panel>Network And Internet> Network Connections

    6) Look for the wireless connection named "Name you created in step 2"

    7) Go to "FreedomeVPN Connection-Freedome Tap Driver" and right click. Choose"Properties" and then
    choose the sharing tab.

    8) Check off "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection".
    On the dropdown menu choose the wireless network connection you noted in step 6
    Click on Ok

    9) You can now connect your other devices to the wireless network named "Name you created in step 2" and will be
    protected through your windows Freedome connection. Make sure it is connected and protecting your

    10) Do a Google search for "My IP" on your connected device (Smart Android TV,Android phone or
    tablet) and click on one of the first two results to be sure it shows a different IP address and
    location. If it does your device is now being protected by your windows PC FreedomeVPN.

    11)If you disconnect or restart computer the FreedomeVPN wireless connection you created and named may dissapear. If it
    does repeat steps 3 then 5-10.

    Use step 4 to stop the hosted network
    Use step 3 to start the hosted network


    I hope this helps Android TV owners until Freedome releases a version for Android smart TV


    NOTE: You will likely see many administrative event log entries with event ID 31004. Ignore these events because it is a glitch with Windows. They explain that it is impossible to allocate 0 bytes of memory so this is an invalid event and you can simply ignore it. It will not affect your PC in any way except add many events to the event log. I hope this helps all of you looking for a way to protect and encrypt your traffic on your Android smart TV's.



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    Freedom, parents control etc. also something I would expect when I buy the big package. As this thread seems old and no further comments I assume did not happen.