Competitive site blocked- where can I see the reason


When I try to access 360 security page for downloading the Windows version I get



That is with TP. Is it posible to see why that is reported as harmful? If yes then where?

Some other security products do not block that page.

With ULAV the message ain't that clear



Is that as designed?


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    There missing any additional information about reasons. Except point that it rated as "harmful"-page and  will be blocked.


    Option there: transfer URL to F-Secure SAS :  

    if there check "related" option - possible receive answer/response about situation (with my experience - usually for such pages - it will be explanation that "randomly");


    What about F-Secure ULAV - it should "trigger" notification under tray-picture (and under the UI list of notifications), but page will be indeed like under your screenshot. Such as with F-Secure ULAV there missing any designed blockpages, but just prevent/block access and related notification around tray picture (with saving it under UI);




    Just about situation and my suggestions...  with my experience (if I normally remember) this is not first situation, when their website/resources marked as harmful for F-Secure (probably... I also one time transferred this URL previously);


    I think that F-Secure able to use third party "databases" (of harmful/suspicious/scam/phishing pages) as additional to their own research-process. It possible that URL marked as harmful randomly, but with meanings that:


    --> some other companies will mark it as harmful (at least - I able to see that some of certain pages and parts of their website was with "malicious"-rating by Bitdefender and time to time by some other companies; based on and maybe re-rate it after. Also for just this main URL have more "harmful"-votes, than "safe" (but it not really trigger);


    --> probably also (or maybe not) they provided some "unexpected" (or unwanted) bundles with their software; or just as "distribution" their software by third party companies (as referral or something, which usually can be with toolbars/adware and other unwanted software).


    My experience about this software outdated.. but I can to think that this company/solutions start be more popular and quite visible (also with Android platform); And maybe because they using certain advertisements-design and kind of "not really control" all of channels..

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    Thanks Ukko,


    I've submitted the sample.

    What they say about Gihoo 360 is that it is used by millions.


    With ULAV a more descriptive message would be beneficial so that the user can conclude whether it is a valid address or not and an indication if it considered harmful.

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    Same thing with Bitdefender. Now updated and not reporting harmful any more.

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