Freedome and sleeping mac

wakazhi Posts: 1 New Member



While the macbook is sleeping, internet connection is still estabilished in order to check mail etc. However, Freedome connects when the computer is activated. Is there a way to keep freedome on while the computer sleeps, so that all connections would be safe (other than prevent connections during sleep)?


  • Mysticiza
    Mysticiza Posts: 24 Explorer

    I've been wondering the same.

  • Andyrm
    Andyrm Posts: 2 New Member

    I have this problem 100% of the time.  Currently using version 1.18.3656.0  Cant remember if it was this version of previous it startedbut only quitre recently.  Although you can reset by switching Freedome off then on again it is annoying.  Usin MacBookPro early 2011 and Mac OS 10.12.5

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