"Turn On Firewall" flag on Windows startup

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Since the last FSP upgrade, I've been getting a flag from FS at each startup saying my Firewall is switched off.  The flag then goes away after a few seconds, and the Firewall appears to be on and functioning correctly.  This has been happening on both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines.  Is anyone else seeing this?


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    My experience based  only  on two Windows 10 systems (one of them with latest 1703 Windows Creator Update); I get this Firewall prompt practically each launch my system (or restart).


    One system I not often to use - but all three/four "launches" comes with this notification.


    Another system I do not restart too much often and there was just six "notifications" (but this not all times, when I restart / turn off-turn on  current system). And this is most of my "restarts system".

    As example - some hours how I restart this system and there was missing notification about "firewall disabled" - but I also able to see that some of Family Rules features disabled OR at least - some of pages just do not blocked (which usually will be blocked). Still - not sure if it related (I time to time - have experience when Family Rules Content blocker do not work... and Security Cloud with 'connected'-status). :)


    So, my "answer" about "Is anyone else seeing this?" - yes (at least - it valid for my experience too).




    So, I just did else one restart. System loaded - notification prompted about "Windows disabled". And his certain URLs (which usually blocked as Family Rules Content Blocker), which not blocked (at visit) before restart - will blocked (at visit) after restart.


    Sorry for my worst English.


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    I have this same issue but on Windows 7 it doesnt change it is shown that firewall is off whole time.

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    Not being funny, but have you actually checked that the firewall is on?

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    Es una falsa alarma

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