Can't instal F-secure with ziggo

Dear F-secure,


I can't instal f-secure with ziggo.

The troubleshoot is:

Their are some important data missing.


Can u help me?

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  • FireBlastFireBlast Posts: 2
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    Problem is solved.

    I had contact with Ziggo and they told me to download youre uninstal.exe and tried again and it worked. During the installation my computer said to reboot, i did and their was no pop up for continu the instal.


    So i uninstall all first.

    Tried again and worked.


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,432 Community Manager

    Hi FireBlast,


    May I know which F-Secure product are you referring here? Is it an F-Secure program from Ziggo?

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,432 Community Manager

    Thanks for keeping us posted, @FireBlast! Glad to know it worked.

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