Enable or disable VPN based on various criteria

It would be extremely nice to have an option to define a list of 'trusted' networks, like a home wifi net or a trusted cellular net, and if detected do NOT automatically enable VPN there (and enable everywhere else).



  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Boojum,


    If you are referring to the option of connecting to local devices when Freedome is on, you can check this KB as it is explained in detail in there. However, if you would like to turn off VPN completely in certain networks, may I know the reason why? Freedome protects your connection in the respective network by making your data unreadable for outsiders; it is applicable for any networks and for all the data you surf.



  • FredTFredT Posts: 3

    This was already requested here before (https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure/Freedome-on-Certain-Networks/td-p/53289) and it is marked as resolved, but it clearly is not.


    There is no way I can define Freedome on which networks I want it to connect automatically. I would like to prevent Freedome to activate the VPN when I'm using certain wifi networks and when on mobile (2G/3G/4G) connections. There is no such feature in Freedome to do this. The "solution" of the other thread, to mark certain networks as trusted, only makes it possible to connect to devices in the local network, but it does not prevent activating the VPN connection at all, which is what I want.


    So I need a feature in Freedome to define on which networks it should auto-activate  the VPN, or a way to do this automate this using something like Tasker.

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    Hi FredT,


    There is a similar Feature Request posted here about the same. I will move it along with that Feature Request.


    Thank you for your request. I have passed it on to the product team's notice. Freedome team does get this request every now and then; we’re considering if there is anything we can do in this case.

  • FredTFredT Posts: 3

    Why I really need this feature:


    1. Because on some networks, Freedome is not working properly (apparently timing out at random moments, causing all app connections to time out also, which casues battery drains and prevents push messages from arriving at my phone). I want Freedome to not autoconnect on this specific wifi network.


    2. Because I'm using AFWall+ to select which apps can connect to wifi/cellular networks/roaming/VPN to keep control of my cellular data usage. As I cannot make a difference between a VPN over wifi or a VPN over a cellular network in AFWall+, there is no way to keep control of my cellular data with AFWall+  when using a VPN like Freedome. Because I am mostly interested in Freedome to protect me on unsecure wifi networks the easiest solution would be to set Freedome to not connect on cellular networks.


    3. Because I trust my own network at home and at I do not want to use Freedome there because on some sites it causes problems with geoblocking.

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