Banking Protection doesn't fully 'release' connection when deactivated

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When Banking Protection is activated, my RouterStats Lite icon goes red and displays '0', which indicated that the connection has been interrupted.  I assume that this is correct, as BP has 'isolated' the connection to my banking site.  However, when BP is deactivated, the RouterStats icon stays red, when it should be displaying as green, and with the current noise margin indicated.  This seems to imply that BP is not fully 'releasing' the connection when it has been deactivated.  


This has been happening for some time, but wasn't causing any other issues, as my connection seemed to work for everything else, once BP had been deactivated, however this came to my attention following the thread below, in which a user has an issue with MailWasher, which also isn't reconnecting after BP has deactivated.  I have tried this with MailWasher myself, and I can replicate the user's issue (it will not check for new mail after BP has been activated and deactivated, displaying "Socket Error # 10013").


After around 6-7 minutes, my RouterStats displays normally, and MailWasher works again, so it seems that there is some sort of delay, in some instances, with BP allowing some apps to reconnect, after it has been in use.


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