FS protection - Family rules feature update

We are happy to announce that we have new release available on FS protection!
What is Family Rules?
The centrally managed Family Rules replaces local Parental Control -feature on all platforms (except macOS and Windows Phone). With Family Rules, you can, with your child, agree on their digital habits, when together installing SAFE on their devices. You can manage the rules remotely from My FS Protection portal. This includes specifying what kind of content they can access, in addition to controlling daily screentime.
Please note that this is Beta version of Family Rules, and work in progress - with missing some of the pieces. Updates will be frequent, and will complete the feature shortly!
What is new since last release?
- Child profile can be now removed from Home (My FS Protection portal)
- Easier access to the Family Rules settings from device dialog
- Added indicator for devices not supporting Family Rules (e.g. MacOS)
- UI improvements
On PC (Version: "Common Component Framework 2.88 build 197" - Check by right clicking the logo on system tray + about)
- Switch user feature available. You can change the user after the install from the main UI
- Browsing protection status visible on main UI
On Android (version 17.1.013356):
- Switch user feature available. You can change the user after the install from the main UI. Note! requires re-installation to work
- Added Time limits notications
On iOS (version 17.0.231401):
- Time limits to include Bedtime feature
- Home (My FS Protection portal) can be accessed even when the time limit is reached
- UI improvements
What is still missing?
On PC:
- Time limits feature, You can set Time Limits (Device use limits/Bedtimes) during installation and from FS Protection home, but they are not effective in client.
- Family Rules tab on main UI improvement, showing the settings for the current user. Changing settings still happen at Home (My FSProtection).
- Allow/deny website list
- Adding second child profile do not work on PC. Workaround:
  1. right click command prompt and run as admin
  2. run net stop fshoster && net stop fsulhoster
  3. run net start fshoster && net start fsulhoster
On Android:
- Upgrade flow will be updated - see “How do I get the update"
- Family Rules is currently only supported for child profiles. Adults support coming later.
- Uninstalling the client still requires security code. This will be removed in future when uninstall will happen by first switching to main user.
On iOS:
- Upgrade flow will be updated - see “How do I get the update"
- Localisations (Only English localisation completed)
How do I get the update?
For new installations: Simply login to your FS Protection account (https://safeavenue-tp.sp.f-secure.com/iframe/-sso/fs_protection) and select Add device to start protecting your family's devices or start from the appstores (looking for FS Protection).
On PC: wait for the upgrade to automatically to arrive for your PC.
On Android/iOS: The feature will be enabled only on fresh installations of the app after FS Protection passes the appstore review (Apple/Google). During the installation, you will get a prompt whether to install on a child's device or your own device.
On MacOS/Window Phone: Feature not available.
We are eagerly waiting for your opinions and findings!
Please file issues, findings and improvement ideas at https://beta.f-secure.com or by replying here!
On behalf of SAFE teams,
Juha Väliimäki


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    So, current disabled (not work) status for allow/deny lists (Windows-system; as previous feature for local Browsing Protection/Banking Protection/Content Blocker) as designed?


    Or while "it not supported by Family Rules yet" it should still work with current Windows installations anyway?




    just because I have experience about some other troubles (maybe it not really related with Family Rules, but you noted lists there as "missing" features yet) I can to think that maybe it more related with something else (partly related with family rules, but comes from update - which also for extension/addon Browsing Protection);

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for over-the-reply (just if we able to think about this topic - as about TP188 topic - where we can to discuss latest build of FS Protection).


    Also as feedback and my experience about update/upgrade to Windows 10 Creator Update:


    I normally update my laptop to Windows 10 1703;

    And FS Protection TP188 perfectly work after such action


    By perfectly I mean next: with my first launch system -> FS Protection normally:


    --> loaded and work. I able to open UI, using it, change settings and other;

    --> my settings saved;


    So with my experience Windows Update did not break FS Protection installation (or I do not get visible result of that). And looks good.


    Also with updated Windows Defender meaning! :)




    Not check it more (maybe I disabled it under portal and did not back "turn on"-status), but Family Rules maybe goes be not work after update (at least - Content blocker); Maybe randomly - not check it enough (yet).  With missing any additional changes... looks like that after some time Family Rules normally work (Content blocker). When it was not work - Security Cloud was connected (in this situation).


    Sorry for feedback.



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