F-Secure and Windows malware tools

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I've been working low performance PC's and always wondering if there is performance lost having F-S installed and at the same time Windows standard tools like Defender and Malicious program removal tool updated every month.

The latest Windows version seems to have initiated actions from other antimalware developpers.



Again I am wondering are the Windows tools needed with F-S, can they co-exist, does F-S limit their functionality, can the users disable them in any other way than manually (eg unselect the download of the Malware removal tool monthly) and so on.


Is that explained to the user somewhere?


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    Sorry for my reply and opinion. Will be good if there can be more replies and words about your topic-ask.




    How I can to understand: F-Secure (as many other security companies) will think about such situations as:


    --> https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Common-topics/Can-I-have-more-than-one/ta-p/82136

    About "two and more" security solutions under system (with meanings - that this is not recommended and can be potential troubles, BUT some of solutions or security software maybe able to work together at the same time);


    --> default system things like Windows Defender usually disabled by installation flow (or temporary "disable").

    With meanings - that there will be just "third party" security solution. As prevent-step to increase conflicts/potential troubles; Maybe some of companies will use tricks. But with my opinion - F-Secure usually try to do all things with recommended "official" system-guide.


    What about -> I think that "Malicious program removal tool" more as scanner-tool; So I think that this is OK - if it will be installed/running each month for double-check. With my "understanding it" - MPRT more as brief-check;

    And it can be helpful (as Windows Defender too) - because Microsoft also used their own experience/databases/knowledge about some of suspicious/malicious files. As result they able to detect something, which F-Secure able ignore. But also can be f/p-detections.


    I tried some time using next design:


    --> Windows Defender with Windows 10 (recent builds) available as "Time to time scanning tool".

    So - not totally disabled, but just some features (including real-time scanning); And you able to update definitions and run/launch manual scan.

    Can be helpful as double-check and "manual scan"-tool;


    With my experience such design normally work with F-Secure SAFE.
    And I not feel any real impact for system (but thought about first days);


    And I also think that if there possible points like "can the users disable them in any other way than manually (eg unselect the download of the Malware removal tool monthly)" - it should be explained under the Microsoft pages (and not sure that it available with fresh Windows);

    Also I think that most powerful and greatest features/abilities and useful status of Windows Defender on current time with Business editions of Windows 10;
    Based on some articles - a lot of perfect and high-quality features, abilities and it already work.

    But with Home users - I think most good point can be as "scanner tool" for time to time scanning system (as additional check to real-time protection and manual scanning by third-party security solutions; as example F-Secure, which will be main security solution under system);



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