Product key not working

I had a registered version Internet Security 2012 on my pc.  My hard drive crashed and was replaced under warranty.  I installed Internet Security 2012 on the new hard drive but the subscription status remains as trial when I enter the product key.  I have paid for my licence up to November 2013 but can no longer use this product.


I have been waiting a week for support contact me but now I am begining to think that I wont be contacted.


Support Ticket Number: 1-496847183

Created: 2012-02-22 12:34:01 PM


  • kodja
    kodja Posts: 3

    This is the reply to my request for support.  I did not get any support and feel like I have wasted my money on this product.


    "Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting F-Secure. With regards to your enquiry, Please feel free to contact us again should you need further assistance. Thank you. Best Regards, Puravin  "


  • celavey
    celavey Posts: 34 Observer

    Say what? That's the only thing they told you regarding you case? Looks like an automated response.image

  • kodja
    kodja Posts: 3

    I have had to put a second request in for support and I am still waiting.


    Come on F-Secure it can't that hard to solve my problem.


    Number: 1-497639501 Created: 2012-03-04 05:12:15 PM

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