How many devices for TP?


On how many devices can I install TP?


I was under the impression I can install it on 3 PC's and 3 Android devices.

If that is correct what might be taking my third PC?

HP and MSI are PC and the others Android phones.


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    Probably there (by common setting) five available licenses, but most likely you able to ask TP-beta team about more additional licenses for testing  (if you have reasons for that).

    For example,  as report-ticket (at least - My FS Portal recommended "buy more" and previously there provably was suggestion contact support for "get more" with URL to beta-portal login).  :)


    What about your current screenshot/setting (with five devices - two desktops and three mobiles): I think if you will try to install it to another desktop - FS Protection triggered "re-use license" dialog and if you want - you able to install it there by re-placing one of previous installations.


    Also with Family Rules: My FS Protection able to show more "devices" (which not use "licenses") as "certain profile" (if your system have some accounts - so you set up them with "kids profile" and all of them will be "shown" as device most likely - but license will be "in use" just as "one device" as it is).


    Sorry for my reply!




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    What I was actually after was the standard license count.

    I hope it is stated somewhere and that my memory server me right (3+3).


    Is it stated?

    I usually glance through things so fast that I did not happen to see it.

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    Thank you Ukko for you posts.

    This is what I received when joining the beta program

    As a beta tester of our product, you will get a free six-month subscription for up to three computers

    That was before there was a version for mobile devices.

    Now my memory does not serve me very well.

    I thought I had seen up to three computers and upt to three mobile devices. I do not have any record of that and cannot be sure.

    That is what I am wondering 2 or 3 computers?

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    I am starting to think it is the way you say: total number of devices is fiveTP_update_2017-04-10-15-08-01.png, but type not defined.

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    yes, Ukko is correct, all installed devices count towards licenses used regardless of platform. F-Secure SAFE works in the very same way. Note that activating additional child profiles on desktop machines with existing installations will not use up additional licenses in case anyone has been been reluctant to play around with those for license concerns.

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