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    Sorry for my reply.


    Maybe this trouble based on some of malicious extensions/addons under the browser or other adware  under system (if there redirecting from search-results; or if it added certain malicious scripts/advertisements to each visited page).


    Do you have installed any security solutions? And if yes - do you have experience with running "Full Scan System" (which can take some hours)? What if such action will detect some malicious activities under system...  after this - already there can be another steps.

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    hi .

      i use lot of softwares even the issue cannot be solved.

    ccleanner , malwarebytes, k7(premium version) etc. ....

    even though when open  certain websites it dedirect to pron sites and advt...


    who to rectify this...?

    should router to be replaced?

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    If you have some devices (like two desktops/laptops or mobile phones/tables) and all of them with this trouble - so most likely something wrong with your network. With such situation you have to re-check router settings (under the web-access - if possible) or contant your ISP-support.




    If experience about one device: which OS (like Windows or Mac) or maybe there is mobile device.

    Like example - if there Windows system - trouble with redirecting with each browsers? As example - if there modern Windows - can be Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or installed browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.


    Google Chrome (as example) provided some tips/tools to cleanup their browser:



    If redirecting happened just with certain browser (and not with all of them) - you have to re-check browser's addons/plugins/extensions and shortcut-settings. If there something "suspicious".


    if with all browsers - maybe you have to look full system (installed applications; scheduled tasks or other). If there missing something suspicous - I can to think that there required additional steps about scanning system about malware/adware.


    For first - it can be some online tools (you noted that already have experience about some software - but strange that nothing found).

    For Windows (if there another platform - most likely - possible "related" solutions under certain platform):

    --> F-Secure provide Online Scanner: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/online-scanner

    But if other solutions did not find something - most likely this step also can be with missing result (it more like check for critical places, which should be covered and detected by other popular tools too);


    -->  Nod32 provide specific scan-tool: https://www.eset.com/us/home/online-scanner/


    --> HitmanPro provide scan-tool and you able to use as "trial-time": https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/hmp.aspx


    Because you noted "malwarebytes" - so probably you also tried their "adwcleaner"-tool;

    Some other companies also provided adware-cleaner tools (Bitdefender as example);


    If you tried all of them and nothing detected - this is too much strange.


    Sorry for my reply.


    You also able to contact support of your security solution.

    At least -there can be ask - why they do not detected something (even there is certain strange activities under your system).



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    may be its dns hijacking?

    iam having problems in all devices(laptop and phones..router connected to desktop).

    in all browsers also problems arising.

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    Most likely.


    At least - looks like that there trouble with your Router. Because all devices with such situation.


    Basically - you able to re-check things like:


    --> open with browser (under device, which connected to your router)  IP-address of your router.


    --> there can be (or should be) web-panel for administrator-access;


    Maybe - if there default credentials (admin/admin as example) - maybe it was exploited.

    Or if "router" with kind of "vulnerable"-situation.


    Anyway - if you able to login as administrator and re-check settings under the panel:


    --> There can be DNS-settings. You able to re-check - if there have strings, which not known for you (or if you not able to get proper results about certain IP from google search);


    --> But maybe you able to re-check each available resources/settings about suspicious points.


    If situation about this troubles - except step that you have to "reset" (clean/fix and get normal settings for your router) - you also have to think how to prevent such situations else one time.


    I not sure about certain steps. At least it should be based on some "backgrounds" and researches.

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    iam not able to login into ip address of router.

    with deafult credentials its not able to proceed...


    and i forgot the service provider user id and pw..


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    But maybe you still able to contact ISP Tech Support (if they provided router for you - as example)..


    Also you able to re-check web (by Google search as example) about certain model of Router (your router) about some else credentials. Maybe there except "default" (admin/admin or admin/password) - can be some else "manufacturer"-credentials (specific for certain model);


    If there missing any options to get support-help from Internet service provider or recover the credentials for router-settings access:


    --> maybe your router have buttons "Reset" or something around this "ability". Which should work as "reset" settings and passwords to default (which usually should be visible under the Router-device or instructions to router);


    Also just "small" re-check - if you able to use your mobile phone with cellar network access - if there will be missing any troubles with redirecting (when you do not connect by Wi-Fi for your router); This will helpful - if indeed "router"-fix will be enough.

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    am having no issues while using my mobile data in mobile phones...problem arises nly in using wifi from router....


    Anyway thanks foe your valubale information and help...

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