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NowTV can see that I am using an VPN connection, this is new and I specifically chose Freedome for this purpose.
Why can they suddenly see me behind your UK VPN when I use Freedome?

As of now, this renders the Freedome VPN product useless.


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    Thank you for answering.


    The link is from 2014 but I have been using NowTV with VPN for years already Smiley Happy


    Apple TV4 still works with an UK ip address but MacOS and Freedome does not work as NowTV can "see" that I do not come from the UK.


    So something has happend, either with Freedome or NowTV.

    This is a shame as Freedome works in certain territories perfectly. 

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    Hi dexta,


    The post is pretty recent, it was replied on 29.11.2016 by the NowTV team member. May be they are catching up with Freedome IP addresses in the recent times.

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