Freedome not working on my router after turning all vpn settings off except ipsec

djamesjames Posts: 5 Observer

I disabled all vpn settings on my Asus AC-1900p router but left ipsec on and now Freedome doesn't connect to wifi at all on iphone 7 running ios 10.3.1 and windows 10 running latest creators update (04/06/2017).  I had an Asus AC-87U router just a month ago and was able to disable all the vpn's but ipsec and it worked just fine with Freedome.


Any ideas why Freedome which uses ipsec is not connecting to my Asus AC-1900P router with IPSec enabled?






  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi djamesjames,


    As mentioned in this thread earlier, it is not possible to set up IPSec connection to Freedome backends from non-iOS clients as our other clients use OpenVPN and we don’t allow arbitrary IPSec clients connecting to our backends. Could you check if your router Asus AC-1900p supports IPSEC passthrough?

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