firewall in f-secure


hi guys


Why product fsecure internet security option firewall is not and remove for home user firewall??


How we control application by firewall?? If ismot firewall for control




  • yeoldfart
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    would you mind being more explicit ? In the first you must keep in mind FS has no FWall of its own, it relies on Windows one which is stong and reliable.

    hope this helps

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @karkas20


    As @yeoldfart mentioned we would need more information to reply to your questions.


    If you wish to exclude programs from scanning then we have differnt ways of doing this, depending on the application.

  • Simon
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    F-Secure uses Windows Firewall, which has improved in later versions.  It hasn't had its own Firewall application for some years now.


    As has already been said, let us know what you want to do and we will try to help.

  • karkas20
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    hi my friend


    now AV use firewall for control application and port and protocol but fs not option for this issue.

    I think it should be placed firewall

  • karkas20
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    hi my friend


    some companies go to remove firewall from suites but this work not good for home user security!


    i know some as power user that use suite for control application against malware.


    fs should be given HIPS and fiewall for our suite for home user

  • Parham
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    In my Opinion, there is no need to have Firewall for Home Users. you may ask why

    and here is the answer:

    1- you as a Home User will not be under serious attacks, so Windows Firewall which really improved specialy in Windows 10 during last recent years, is Good Enough for Home Uses.

    2- and also notice that F-Secure didn't let the whole job to do for Windows Firewall. if you check the DeepGuard settings you will see this option: "Ask my premission to make an Internet Connection"
    and also in own F-Secure Firewall Settings you can see that F-Secure have your network's back and scan it 24/7 to make sure it's protected.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply (there is already a lot of good replies).


    And if we talk about Windows Home solutions.


    --> F-Secure provide HIPS (with meanings - more, than just HIPS) and Firewall (with meanings - system Windows Firewall and additional layers/advanced settings around this firewall);



    Also on current time - F-Secure switch design to "less user's actions - less f/p detections - less impact" (as result some advanced features can be dropped or start to be as "design choice").

    And usually features will be removed just if they provide a lot of "troubles" for user (such as false-positive detections; break other valid software; break system design; hard to use) and do this more often, than give reasonable protection.

    Also not always "unwanted/suspicious" or "unknown" will be real malicious/harmful applications.

    Basically - I also will be with nice feelings to control some application more brutally, but... more nice - just do not use such software (which can be suspicious for you and you have to control them too much). Or do not use it for critical things. With other meanings - if such application will try to do something malicious - WITH PROPER design (which expected, but can be not like that) - multi-layers protection of F-Secure should to trigger alerts (it can be anything - detection about malicious result or DeepGuard prompt).


    Also F-Secure able to work with third-party Firewalls (but for my opinion - there missing any good, high quality and trusted third-party firewalls on current time).


    What F-Secure not provide on current time: classical Application Control feature.

    This is still powerful feature, but...... for Home Users will be not so useful.  And F-Secure just did the related things automatically as background task.


    Maybe when you talk about Firewall - you mean some of certain features around this (or maybe some "friendly GUI" to use all powerful-abilities of system-firewall)?

    Because - if "own Firewall" just about "firewall features", which already have system.... I not sure that it will be much "higher" (just because this is "common features"). And as additional - "own firewall design" will be not a reason for BSODs, other troubles or "potential leaks".


    But I still think that there is can be some of "optionally" cool features, which usually can be marked as "firewall" - but this is not really firewall. Just certain features.. which usually can be with "third party firewalls" or "extensions/addons/utilities" to system firewall.  Maybe if you talk about something like that- it will be more helpful to ask about direct features.


    And if just "own firewall" - you also able to check feature-request-board of community. this is indeed "popular" ask (two most popular requests):


    Maybe F-Secure will give some response about it.


    Sorry else one time for my reply.



  • Scorpion_1
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    I completely agree with you that the antivirus must have its own firewall and hips, this is the complex protection.
    And the fact that the firewall is strong, well, it's not true. He was never this and will not be, he became a little better and no more. And companies that refuse this, I think they just do not want to bother with this, because working with a firewall is complicated. But if you look at the large antivirus labs that provide complex products: Kaspersky, BitDefender, Eset, Doctor Web, Norton, G Data, Avast, they all use their firewall and are not going to abandon it, because they understand that the firewall is weak. And their products are truly "Integrated".

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