Bank Protection random activation.

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So I attempted to post this before but can't find the post. Sorry if I end up dubble posting!

I have a problem with the banking protection seemingly randomly popping up when I play online games.
And it is the most anoying thing I have ecer experienced from a antivirus program.

If I don't turn off the interuption of my internet access when it opens it disconects me from the server and gets me kiced off the game.
However the active program still stops me from browsing sites like reddit when I game, and it is starting to get to  the point where I am considering just flat out deleting F-secure and getting a different program if the problem can't be resolved.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just because there is missing any response - I decided to add my suggestion:


    --> there can be some workarounds or research-steps maybe (for more proper solution).


    BUT if you do not required Banking Protection feature at all (or with certain situation) - you able "Switch OFF" this feature (or do that temporary for time, when it not needed);


    You able to re-check this documentation steps:



    With meanings that you want to "Switch OFF".


    Also just as knowledge base about banking-protection feature (where/when it can be helpful and useful as protection layer):



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    i hope you are having a good day.

    Just In Case, just last night i was playing CS 1.6 online, and i turned on Game mode before start the game

    i saw nothing, no pop up ..

    i have Internet Security by the way. maybe it's a problem with F-Secure SAFE? other guys which have SAFE installed can confirm that so F-Secure track this issue.

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    Sorry for my long reply (just also feedback).



    Yes, "Game Mode" should be helpful for save resources and prevent pop-up/notifications from F-Secure (except critical ones); also it should "prevent/deny" scheduled scan if it planned to start AND "freeze" downloading updates. And maybe much more, but with my experience "Game mode" do not prevent Banking Protection trigger (as visible result - BP-flyer as pop-up);


    Also there can be some tweaks for full-screen (but limited number of applications) time-usage application (work automatically and also prevent some notifications from F-Secure while it "fullscreened").


    In somewhat reason - I thought that Jorg's experience was about "online game" under the browser (where can be direct or background connections to Banking/Payment/Related websites--resources - which can be expected there or not); And as result Banking Protection triggered flyer pop-up (and activate protection);


    But maybe this is indeed can be with any games (not required to be under the browser) - if they able to use "built-in" browser features or trigger some  HTTPS connections to resources, which F-Secure marked as banking-related;


    Anyway - I did next re-check with my experience (but yes, about F-Secure SAFE ):


    --> Turn ON Gaming mode;

    --> Open random banking HTTPS page (which should trigger BP-flyer/protection);

    --> Banking Protection trigger flyer-pop-up and protection activated;


    I think that with Internet Security should be like that too (maybe). But other kind of pop-up can be missing indeed (or with certain games/applications Banking Protection able to ignore secure connections to banking-pages. At least - I check situation with Steam Big Picture (?) and their browser. With my installation - it will block malicious pages as harmful-block-page, but Banking Protection flyer/protection not triggered at visit https-bank-pages);



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